HiThing! is the first ever chat-format social network to communicate across people and things, including Artificial Intelligence, in natural language.

What is HiThing!

Let’s imagine a world where machines and devices around you do not only report incidences, but learn your preferences to make your life easier and more comfortable. Let’s imagine a hospital building, a packaging factory or a water facility speaking to its owner of its maintenance needs and interacting with user so as to optimize resources consumption. A world where we have humanized technology.

Hithing en tu dispositivo

HiThing! enables things and artificial intelligence to communicate with us and amongst them in natural language. You do not need to learn a long list of commands, menus and son on to interface with a machine any more

HiThing!’s look’n’feel is a simple, user-friendly chat, which is leading the way in chat with and between things. A pioneering spirit backed by patents.

HiThing! utilizes cutting-edge tools in ontologies, self-learning, safe communication to deliver first in class solutions. It effectively creates a human-centric technology so we can stay easily and safely connected with all kind of intelligence around us.

To whom is HiThing! addressed?

HiThing! benefits reach a wide spectrum of industries humanizing technology around us: from advanced manufacturing or factory 4.0 to telecoms, from household to health care, from elderly care to smarter cities, and – of course – to cognitive Internet of Things.



Imagine your production lines and robots are able to speak with your personnel. Now imagine the products you make able to speak with your customers and to learn from them. Now, stop imagining, HiThing! makes it possible.



From now on your infrastructure and systems will be able to speak with you, or your top management if you like, or with your on-site maintenance team, in natural language, real-time, safely.


Develop your own bot for whatever you deem fit so that it communicates in natural language and makes use of HiThing! social network. You may use our on-line tools.



HiThing! goes one step ahead of Cloud: it integrates both things in the Edge and Artificial Intelligence so we may speak with things and intelligence around us in natural language



Your city speaks with you and you can require it information, to look after your beloved ones, to suggest you a theater play, or a route so you commute quicker today



HiThing! enables all kind of Artificial Intelligence to interface easily and simply with you, not only to manage hospitals, or complex water distribution systems or to assist you in a study on cancer.

Soluciones HiThing!

No puede imaginar lo que HiThing! es capaz de hacer por usted. Existe una solución HiThing!, para que se pueda relacionar en lenguaje natural con su ciudad, sus dispositivos, máquinas, su casa, edificios, infraestructuras, servicios ciudadanos, servicios Cloud, E-comerce, location based marketing (LBM), ……

Contacte con HiThing!

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