Step by step, Mankind is progressing towards cognitive solutions; increasingly present at our daily tasks. Artificial intelligence is applied to a growing number of decision-making systems: medical alerts, environmental monitoring, security, facilities surveillance, home management … We want those things around us to take initiative in order to make our experience and knowledge richer, our live safer, our work more bearable and easier, and our home and leisure time more comfortable.

Let’s imagine intelligent buildings helping you, virtual assistants looking after your health, machines telling you how to save time or money, smart facilities saving water or energy consumption, and so and so on. Imagine all these smart things surrounding you able to talk with you naturally, simply, safely.

We are already surrounded by cognitive programs, “behind the scenes”: banking, industrial robots, traffic management, social networks, e-commerce shopping, etc … Let’s make it easier, and personal. Let’s take control back and talk with them.

HiThing! infinitos sistemas en un mismo Chat en lenguaje natural

How is it possible? HiThing! Come to know the first cognitive IoT social network to chat with cognitive systems, artificial intelligence, equipment, virtual assitants and the like.

Let’s get back in the loop of communication amongst artificial intelligence-powered systems. Let’s make it easy to sell and deliver artificial intelligence-backed services.

Proasistech Smart Solutions is partnering with IBM, SAP and Intel to make HiThing! the safest place to every-thing and every-one.


Enjoy Cognitives, Enjoy HiThing!


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