It’s a wonderful age: cloud, edge, IoT, social networks, AI, …
Proasistech Smart Solutions
have integrated it all so that you may speak with any-one and any-thing no matter what kind or level of intelligence it has. We are already living with all these things around us, requiring information from them, making transactions through them, giving them orders to operate this way or the other … Why not simply speak with them? Chat with them? One-to-one or by groups.

HiThing! la primera red social global en formato chat

HiThing! has made it feasible in
a very simple and safe way
. H! is the first social network for communication across people and things in natural language. The first-ever cognitive IoT social network.

From now on you are not forced to need and to learn a new commands language, a new instructions book, a new board, … everytime you or somebody adds a new machine or facility or functionality to the world around you. Every new machine, functionality, access, installation may be just one more friend in your H! social network.

Manufacturers, developers, makers, service providers … everybody may profit
the full HiThing! potential
and cloud services it entails.


Enjoy it, Enjoy HiThing!


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