Nowadays more than half of world population lives in urban areas. The forecast is that it will rise to two-thirds or more by 2050. Our concept of city must change so it comes socially sustainable and makes current welfare services affordable in the future. The city needs to come not only a place for a living but a true citizens’ coexistence-enabling space.

Let’s imagine a city you may speak with, requiring information at any time: parking lots places, events, concerts, services, places, traffic, routes, … A city able to take care or at least to track your beloved ones: old people, children, Alzheimer affected, … A city able to advise you proactively: activities, notifications, impending events, exhibitions, deadlines, traffic jams, works, promotions, …
Now, stop imagining. It is already feasible. HiThing!

HiThing! la primera red social global en formato chat

Come, get to know the first cognitive IoT and smart cities social network where you may stay connected and communicate with all kind of systems, things, artificial intelligence, services, virtual assistants in natural language; where all these systems can even speak to each other in natural language taking human back in the loop of communication.

You need no more lots of different apps to connect with different systems or services. Any additional system or service you want to connect with is just one more friend in you chat.

It is not only easy. It is safe. Proasistech Smart Solutions is partnering with IBM, SAP and Intel to make HiThing! a safe place to everyone.


Enjoy it, Enjoy HiThing!


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