Imagine yourself knowing your users’ habits, real time. Their level of interaction with any kind of devices. Their preferences. Imagine you can develop artificial intelligence bots to every single purpose you deem opportune. Imagine that they can speak with your customers and users in natural language. Imagine they can predict your users’ behavior, individually.

Not only that imagine you may speak with your infrastructure and systems in natural language, that it can speak with you: traffic, accesses, connections, incidences, maintenance … Whenever you need not one more red light in the board, whenever and to whomever you do not want flooded with a huge bulk of structured data or complicated analysis – which is most of the times.

Stop imagining. It is already possible. Users, customers, infrastructure, systems, algorithms, personnel, top management safely and simply connected – speaking in natural language over a single social network.

How? with HiThing!

TellHT! on la herramienta ideal para empresas de telecomunicaciones

HiThing! furnishes your marketing and revenue management people, your systems department and your facilities management team with the
perfect configuration tool: TellHT! On
. It is intended to an easy and safe bot-systems integration.

Take advantage of the whole HiThing! potential to generate groups, communities, panels, boards. Let HiThing! report you of any event or incidence in connection to your customers and users to your systems and facilities.

Your company is ready to make a leap forward hand-in-hand with HiThing! Not convinced yet? Require a no obligation demonstration. We shall surprise you.


Enjoy it, Enjoy HiThing!


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